Dragon's Kingdom

Dragon's Kingdom Game Credits

Original Concept

Dragon's Kingdom was originally based on script called Dragon Knight by Jamin Seven.

The original script was developed into Dragon's Kingdom by Adam Dear.

This current version was enhanced and is continuing to be developed by Jonathan Malory and York Interweb

Graphics and Illustration

Some of the low level monsters were created by the original developers mentioned above.

York Interweb: Main template, graphics and various monsters.

Some illustrations are being created by members of this site and other artists:

David Smiley: Victory Shield; Main Top Banner, including rendered 3D dragon, (with text and a few extra flames added by Jonathan Malory).

Jason Liang: Werebear, Ultrawraith.

Ross J. McVey: Monochrome illustration, to be enhanced by York Interweb, of Demon, Kalo, Malachi, Marchosias, Mystic, Skull (rendered to Ultradoomer by Jonathan Malory), Vampire (rendered to Fire Gaunt by Jonathan Malory)

Bex Kayser: A Chinese style dragon that is been used for the Wyrm monster, a Wyrm is a type of dragon.

Neil Kay: Mega Doomer (Dark Armour added by Jonathan Malory).

Katie Short: Aero Elemental.

Richard Vitaliz: Megawraith, Liche Prince.

Gino V: Lycan, Pale Knight.

Tito: Green Dragon, Dawkare.

Leo Pothier: Ent.

Sophie Hughes: Lava Ghost.

Milen Tonev: Wyvern, Lesser Wyvern, Greater Wyvern, Greatest Wyvern.

Loren Willis: Ghoul, Red Slime, Blue Slime, Dark Slime.

Prakash Shrestha: Dark Minion, Centaur.