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Dragon's Kingdom - Multi Player Online Adventure Game in a Kingdom of Dragons
Dragon's Kingdom

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Dragon's Kingdom

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dragon kingdomelcome to a place of magic, quests, monsters and adventure Ė the Dragonís Kingdom!

Back through the mists of time the King Black Dragon lorded over mankind and other lowly creatures, laying waste to a once fertile land and creating a Kingdom of the Dragon.

These reptilian tyrants are highly intelligent, but their arrogance can be viewed as a flaw. The King Black Dragon looks down upon humankind as a person may look down upon an insect, an insignificant creature that crawls across his badlands Ė the Dragonís Kingdom.

So arrogant was the King Black Dragon and its wrathful minions that they allowed humankind and their followers to raise a city in the midst of the Dragonís Kingdom, as a human observes the futile machinations of the anthill. But from this city many heroes were born, houses and strongholds were built until the city became a land in itself, the Kingdom of Valour Ė whose namesakes quested and hunted far and wide throughout the Dragonís Kingdom to rid the world of its most heinous menace.

However, the King Black Dragon and its followers had allies amongst mankind, evil wizards and necromancers, sorcerers of the dead, created their own Kingdom in support of the Dragons, known as the Necromancer Valley. Just when the humans had almost conquered and overthrown the Dragonís Kingdom, the evil sorcerers and necromancers used their nefarious magic to empower the King Black Dragon, and even fabricate many more dragons and monsters more vile than anyone thought possible Ė even devouring the very necromancers and sorcerers that had given them life.

Now, in a post apocalyptic wasteland infested with base magic and unknown horrors, the many tribes of mankind must put aside their differences and past transgressions to destroy the evil in the world while seeking out its many treasures that still remain hidden, so that one day the Dragon's Kingdom will be forgotten and the Kingdom Of Valour will reign supreme.

To become a successful adventurer within the Dragon's Kingdom you must choose the path that best suits your personality: an artful Sorceress, a mighty Barbarian warrior, an upstanding Paladin knight, a sharp-eyed Ranger, a masterful Necromancer, a potent Druid or an adept Assassin.

Within Dragonís Kingdom you will experience

    9 Different skills to level up
    4 Quests to complete for rewards
    7 Different character classes to choose from
    A huge map to explore and venture on
    Hundreds of different monsters to find and slay
    Guilds and Strongholds, which leads to Guild battles!
    A Duel Arena, to interact and fight with other players
    Many towns and areas to explore. Either within towns, or on the battlefield
    A player trading market
    An in game Forum and Player Chat
    Regular updates
    And best of all, it's free!

If you are still unsure then why not take a quick look at a Demo. All links are disabled, but it will give you a brief look at what you will see while playing.
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